Roma Confidential Lingerie Sheer Robe and Eyelash Bra Set

Roma Confidential Lingerie Sheer Robe and Eyelash Bra Set

Lingerie is intimate and makes any woman feel and look good. It can be personal all while still feeling that sense of feminine touch. We at Roma Confidential are ready to have all women feeling powerful and getting lined up for lingerie with our new collection!

We have designs that will have anyone looking their best like the black two-piece eyelash bra set pictured above. The beloved and trendy style of eyelash lace and sheer stands out to show off your body shape. The unique design to this set is the embroidered flower detailing on both the bra and bottoms- lace and flower make a match made in heaven!
The sheer robe design has burgundy accents with black lace trimming that you can wear dancing around the house- we are all about the lace!

What we love about this duo is that the bra top is a great design to be exposed a little when wearing certain styled tops. Showing the bits of lace with a sheer top to a tank as a light layer is always an effortlessly chic look. This set is easily wearable from day to night outfits!
With the holidays coming up, this set is comfortable to wearing under any party dress. Not only do we want a stunning product visually, we also strive for comfort. Staying comfortable while celebrating the night away so why not add in this lace bra and underwear?

Underneath your office attire, a little black dress or showing off sexy around the house, we’ve got you covered for all. Red and black sheer robe with a satin waist tie, tons of eye lash lace with intricate detailing, jump in and get lined up for lingerie!

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